Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beauti

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(New Client) Brow Design $35

(Wax or Tweeze) Have your brows mapped with a brow artist that will transform your brows, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Brow service includes instructions on how to fill in your brows at home. The service ends with your complimentary brow fill in using brow powder, brow pencil and highlighter. *Must be at least 18 or have an adult present.

48 hour notice of any cancellations please

*Please mention any professional strength products you are using such as Retin-A, Accutane or any chemical exfoliates

Now offering Brow Lamination! $65-$80

Brow shaping & brow relaxer or lift treatment.  (Please note: my style is NOT the dramatic brushed up look)  
Lasts up to 4 weeks.  Great for unruly hairs.  This plant-based formula will relax and tame wild hairs, while maintaining the health of your brows.  It will also give a fuller/cleaner brow shape.   Add a brow tint for more enhancement.  (Tint will make a difference on light-medium brown hair)


Men's brow cleanup $20 Brow shaping $30

Men's brow includes a little waxing or tweezing which opens the eye area and gives a cleaner look.  This service also includes trimming and concealing of redness.
*Please mention any professional strength products you are using such as Retin-A, Accutane or any chemical exfoliates.  

30 minutes

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye w


Classic Full Set Lash Extensions $150-$200

1-3 week Refills $60/$75/$90 (see online scheduler for details)

One to one traditional lash extensions. Although Volume is the new trend we have mastered the art of classic lashing using a variety of length, curl, and thickness creating a beautiful natural-looking set that will enhance your eyes. 


Volume Full Set Lash Extensions $250

1-3 week Refills $85/$110/$125

2-6 extensions (lighter in weight) that are used to create a volume fan and applied to your individual natural lash. Can look softer and more dense at the base for an eyeliner effect. Can also look more dramatic depending on your natural lashes and what they can hold. (Volume varies based on natural lash health, length and thickness. Not suitable for everyone) See pics on my instagram! (Rachael lash and brow)

Hybrid Full Set Lash Extensions $225

1-3 week Refills $65/$85/$100

Hybrid = mix of classic and volume and my favorite look! (creates a fuller & more natural look, but with more density at the base to create that eyeliner effect) See pics on my instagram! (Rachael lash and brow)

PLEASE READ To hold your appointment you must allow Rachael Lash and Brow to hold your credit card on file or your appointment will not be approved. There will be only an up front charge of $1.** Please read cancellation policy upon booking.** Must be 18 or have a parent present.

Please be kind and give 48 hour notice if possible, so we can fill your time slot of 2-3 hours

2- 3 hours 

Beauty treatment. Curling eyelashes by u

Lash Lift & Tint $90 ($65 for lift only) ($35 Lash tint only)

An alternative to eyelash extensions. Less maintenance. Lasts 6-8 weeks. Instantly boost your lashes by lifting and curling your natural lashes (like a perm). Then add an intense black tint to your natural lashes to enhance your eyes.

Please avoid makeup & eye creams right before service and 24 hours after your service. Also, avoid water and steam for 24 hours after your appointment. ***Please read cancellation policy upon booking*** Please be kind and give 48 hour notice of any schedule changes (at least 24 hours)

Up to 1 hour 15 minutes

Eyebrows tinting treatment with natural

Traditional Brow Tint $25

Tintocil Product. Lasts up to 5 weeks on hair

15 minutes

Henna Brow $60

The Next Generation in Eyebrow Tinting! (Elleebana)

Natural brow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin.  Includes a brow shaping with wax or tweezing 

No Ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. 

Lasts on hair for up to 6 weeks and on skin up to 7 days. Oily skin doesn't hold Henna tint on skin as well as dry skin, but on the hair will last up to 6 weeks.

No spray tanning for 2 weeks prior to tinting. No SPF for 1-2 days before tinting(may affect color)

Brow Design (wax shaping) for a clean defined brow!

35 minutes